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monome – an open practice project – launch event

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Following on from the Monome Open Source Creative Practice Project Outline below, I’m pleased to see the project in development and moving forward… and now with support from Gini Simpson, Head of Media Arts at SPACEStudios and Brian Crabree & Kelli Cain of monome. I’m currently working up an Arts Council England grants application.

With NODE.London planning a Spring NODE.L ’08 season of media arts and print deadlines for promotion imminent I’ve entered details for the project launch onto the wiki for inclusion in the Spring NODE.L ’08 programme.


Like a kid in a (monome) sweet shop…

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

With my monome 64 due to arrive imminently I’ve been browsing the monome website for sparkly things I particularly like the look of…

monome sixty four

Starting with Ableton Live…

1. drumwreck by anton hornquist – website & youtube demo

monome step sequencer in maxmsp/live

Early days for this app… which seems both intuitive and ergonomic… and even works using the ‘monome40_fake’ patch. Latest developments on its monome discussion thread.