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Owl Project m-Log workshop

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

on Friday, 13th February I attended the Owl Project m-Log workshop at FACT in Liverpool and spent a thoroughly enjoyable (though quite intense and tiring day) building my own m-Log from the supplied kit.

the m-Log kit


Video in Processing, General Potterings…

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

With only a single core Intel MacMini to use at the moment I thought I’d keep off the audio and revisit some past programming explorations…

The webcam to monome to midi app mirrome

But it was a fairly frustrating day… a couple minor victories being:

  1. managing to run an old VMWare Fusion virtual machine and copying off the old Processing and monome work I’d done when I was still trying to make Win XP my development platform;
  2. getting my machine to work with video capture in Processing… I’ve been struggling with recent Beta versions but an upgrade to the now officially released v1.0.1 threw up a new error dialogue box which helped me identify the problem – the CamCamX plugin – and a search helped find the solution – deleting the CamCamX component from the QuickTime plugins folder. Finally!