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Processing, monomic and shado updates…

Monday, March 30th, 2009

…mostly with Processing including the monomic library and Nick Rothwell’s shado…



1. Light Wave Virtual

I’ve moved this on a fair way and now have a patch which effectively recreates the physical piece – albeit in ‘wireframe’ – and lets me change the overall wavelength and amplitude and the width, length and space between each strip via keydown – as well as shifting the x, y and z point of view via the camera. It still needs a bit more refinement… but is coming along nicely.


Latest Processing, Director, Tiction/mrmr etc. developments…

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

…as well as Nick Rothwell’s shado, SevenUpLive…

My functionality developments for the Mirror2 patch by Daniel Shiffman.


As with my previous experiments with Flash I think that selecting Processing found and library examples I like and then extending their functionality will be a good way to develop my coding skills…


Other Projects & Resources: Summarise (and Rationalise)

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

I know there’s always ‘more out there’ to explore – but I thought I’d summarise (and rationlise) the probably ‘already more than I can manage’ range of projects and resources I regularly check for news and updates:


Create Digital Music – “a webzine and community site for musicians using technology” and Create Digital Motion – “a webzine and community site for VJs and other producers of moving images” have become essential reading and part of my Newsgator aggregated RSS feed which I access on the move on my iPod Touch.

I have a monome64 and while I’m interested in all things monome I’m particularly keen on SevenUpLive – “a Java application that combines 8 different monome applications into one interface.  With it, your monome communicates with Ableton Live 7 via MIDI…”.


I went to Kinetica Art Fair 09 and I saw…

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

I spent most of last weekend underground in Westminster University’s vast, subterranean, industrial P3 exhibition space – at the Kinetica Art Fair.


“Carnivorous art, man-animal-machine hybrids, mechanical drawing machines, subliminal installations, pole dancing robots, light sculptures and cybernetics are just some of the exhibits to be found at Kinetica Art Fair, the UK’s first art fair dedicated to kinetic, robotic, sound, light and time-based art which opens in London on Friday 27 February.”