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Importing 3D models into Processing

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

This was a fairly convoluted journey…. but I think I’ve managed to uncover a relatively simple method for importing 3D models into Processing… with help from Marius Watz of the excellent Code & Form: Computational Aesthetics blog via the “rapid prototyping” STL format.


Marius has provided a really useful selection of libraries, code snippets and workshop example sketches at his website and at the Code and Form code repository and has now also released his own unlekkerLib library – “a collection of utility classes that I use frequently, and which I’ve attempted to clean up enough for other people to use. Currently, the most significant features are the STL class for exporting 3D geometry for rapid prototyping and the TileSaver class for outputting high resolution stills from OpenGL applications.”


A long overdue update

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve spent a bit of time browsing and catching up with developments at the community site – though I’m always interested to see what’s been going on – and typically a few things caught my eye:


MonoControl – “an adaptable and flexible midi control application written in Processing for Ableton Live (or any other DAW) which, if configured correctly, should report all controller changes to MonoControl which then adjusts the LEDs on the monome. The app uses the buttons of the far rhs column of the monome to navigate through 8 different pages – and in each you can create combinations of faders, crossfader, x-y faders, push, toggle and note buttons and button matrixes – all stored in an an xml file.” (my somewhat edited version of the app description)…

This is exactly what I’ve been hoping to develop myself using Nick Rothwell’s shado…so I started to implement it into my Mirror2 real-time video processing Processing sketch and it’s working well…