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Processing – HUD and tweens with ijeomamotionlib

Sunday, March 21st, 2010


In recent posts I flagged up some possible next stage developments for my Light Wave Virtual sketch with OCD and ControlP5…

  1. “…control over the Perspective Changes & Linear Movements… could be useful to set up some oscillators to do this job…“
  2. ”…[develop a] persistent HUD display showing a Monomatic ‘Live’ console with all the real-time input from our performance instruments and controllers displayed graphically etc…“
  3. ”… Combinations [could be useful] – which could actually be an XY pad – as per the ‘ControlP5diyController.pde’ example…“
  4. ”…make these a set of generic controls too – so their their outputs are switchable between cameras – perhaps by radio button?“

and I’ve generally had success – or stopped trying – with each of the above


Processing – More PeasyCam, OCD & ControlP5

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I’ve now managed to copy camera and centre of interest (c.o.i.) positional values from PeasyCam into OCD (bar a slight perspective shift I’m not quite able to resolve yet)… and I’ve also managed to update the slider positions for each of the controlP5 controllers (the controlP5 secondary window has to be in focus to see the changes) and thus save these values to XML and recall them later… yay!


float[] CamPposition = new float[3];
CamPposition = CamP.getPosition();
Cam1_cameraX = CamPposition[0];

I’m now exploring the full range of OCD methods to see how the library allows to – “manipulate individual cameras using standard camera movement commands” – and to see which might be useful additions to my ControlP5 live camera configuration.


A Personal Philosophy & Approach to Audiovisualisation

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Wearing my Cybersonica hat I’ve started a regular monthly open forum for sharing creative coding and practice In association with MadlabInProcess:ing.

I gave a ‘show and tell’ presentation about one of my own Processing sketches at the launch event – though Kyle McDonald’s presentation on his 3D Scanning technique was the main attraction – and since it seems to have outlined my general philosophy and approach to audiovisualisation reasonably well I thought I’d include an edited transcript here.

There’s fairly poor quality video documentation on the Cybersonica Vimeo site… with useful links in the session output posting


Spot the Difference: Tom Wilkinson’s Light Wave and Prodical’s Light Wave Virtual