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My Arduino workings

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

I’ve been working away on a couple of projects recently – the Auduino synthesiser and DMX control of a Colour Kinetics iColor Flex SLX 50 node light string – and though I’m not quite ready to post about these yet I thought some of my interim research and workings worth noting…


Arduino to DMX

I found a recent Frizing project – ARDUINO TO DMX CONVERTER – which uses the same RS485 chip as Daniel Hirschmann’s Super DMX Shield – which I bought all the components for from Farnell bar the 8 Pin DIP IC Socket (doh!) – so although this was all PC based I thought it might worth looking at in the interim.


My Arduino needs…

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

I’ve started a shopping list of Arduino related things I need and want… as I research and come across things of interest… and here’s some of my thinking and things I’ve found out.


Starter Kit

I need an Arduino starter kit of my own – and looking around at the various options on offer I think that the Fritzing Starter Kit seems amongst the best choice… and not because it’s brimming with components – quite the opposite in fact – but it does come with a useful plastic project box, a servo motor and hookup wire set which I’ve not seen elsewhere… and at 72.45 € – £60.57 – it seems a good deal and supports the Fritzing project too…