A long overdue momome.org update

It’s been a while since I’ve spent a bit of time browsing and catching up with developments at the monome.org community site – though I’m always interested to see what’s been going on – and typically a few things caught my eye:


MonoControl – “an adaptable and flexible midi control application written in Processing for Ableton Live (or any other DAW) which, if configured correctly, should report all controller changes to MonoControl which then adjusts the LEDs on the monome. The app uses the buttons of the far rhs column of the monome to navigate through 8 different pages – and in each you can create combinations of faders, crossfader, x-y faders, push, toggle and note buttons and button matrixes – all stored in an an xml file.” (my somewhat edited version of the app description)…

This is exactly what I’ve been hoping to develop myself using Nick Rothwell’s shado…so I started to implement it into my Mirror2 real-time video processing Processing sketch and it’s working well…

ArpShift – a melodic, interval based, poly-rhythmic arpeggiator.

64fingers – 64 samples/loops with 4 different trigger modes

soyuz – a scrolling midi step sequencer

I also downloaded – though still have to test – latest versions of:

v1.4beta4 of the SevenUpLive – “…a Java application that combines 8 different monome applications into one interface. With it, your monome communicates with Ableton Live via MIDI and allows MLR-like functionality along with other goodies like sliders, sequencing melodies, creating patterns of beats, saving/loading your songs, and more.”

serial-pyio – “the Python Serial/OSC converter for the monome 40h but platform independent… includes an OSC independent API-like suite of Python objects for interfacing with XXh devices.”

While visiting other projects I’ve been keeping an eye on I was particularly pleased to see that Mother – a free open source program by Ilias Bergstrom for VJ-ing with multiple Processing sketches… is now available for OS X… “Mother is a library, host and set of tools that make use of and extend the popular Processing open-source multimedia programming environment… all graphics are procedurally rendered in real-time and are controlled solely through musical notation data (MIDI) and multi-channel pitch, amplitude and beat detection”… and though my initial attempts to actually get Mother working were unsuccessful… I’ll persevere and probably contact Ilias directly for advice.

On a more general tip, having just upgraded to Snow Leopard I’m still installing/updating my regular and favourite OS X “Audio + MIDI” apps and utilities e.g. the lightweight DAW EnergyXT, Native Instruments’ semi-modular wavetable synthesizer Massive, the useful freeware MIDIMonitor… though I also needed to check for general compatibility issues with my various hardware controllers and found a recent update of of the FTDI VCP driver required for detection and operation of my monome64.

Initially I was unable to access the correct MIDI in and out ports in my Processing sketches using the proMIDI library… and a bit of googling found this post – How to fix Core MIDI problems with OSX after using migration assistant or upgrading system – though it didn’t solve the issue. After a bit of head-scratching I reinstalled mmj… the Mac OS X universal binary java Midi subsystem – though humatic stopped all development for OS X in July 2009 :-( – and it sorted out the problem.

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