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On building a tonoscope…

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

A collaboration with Anthony Rowe of squidsoup – an ideal partner for this project – squidsoup’s work being focussed as it is on exploring minimalist, interactive, virtual visual and aural environments.

What are we trying to achieve?
Ultimately the aim would be to create a beautiful and musically responsive visualisation device and/or piece of programming that could be used by both TSP and squidsoup for live gigs and/or exhibitions.


Cymatics – A Study of Wave Phenomena and Vibration

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Always interested in approaches to visualising sound, I’ve been looking into Cymatics as pioneered by Dr. Hans Jenny in the 60s and 70s.

I found a PDF of a compilation of his original two volumes…
CYMATICS – A Study of Wave Phenomena and Vibration
Volume 1 – The structure and dynamics of waves and vibrations, 1967
Volume 2 – Wave phenomena, vibrational effects and harmonic oscillations with their structure, kinetics and dynamics, 1974

A search for cymatics lists a surprisingly large number of relatively lo-fi videos of Hans Jenny’s original experiments, home made ‘tonoscopes’ and other related stuff…


Reverb magazine vol 02 issue 3 may/june

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Scanning Turnkey’s official magazine I noticed a few interesting things…

Most of all I really liked…
Novation ReMOTE 25SL

I’d always thought that my KORG microKONTROL MIDI controller was the best implemented compact unit on the market… and at current price of £155 new from Turnkey I still think nothing comes close for the money… but the Novation ReMOTE SL series look great… and with their Automap Universal standard feature – instant communication with most sequencers… and now with VST plug-ins too… I think this is a must. I can envisage it having a big impact on productivity working with Nuendo and that’s got to be a good thing… the ReMOTE 25 SL is £289 new from Turnkey… looking on ebay now… new US $299.99 + $80 shipping… drool…