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A Personal Philosophy & Approach to Audiovisualisation

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Wearing my Cybersonica hat I’ve started a regular monthly open forum for sharing creative coding and practice In association with MadlabInProcess:ing.

I gave a ‘show and tell’ presentation about one of my own Processing sketches at the launch event – though Kyle McDonald’s presentation on his 3D Scanning technique was the main attraction – and since it seems to have outlined my general philosophy and approach to audiovisualisation reasonably well I thought I’d include an edited transcript here.

There’s fairly poor quality video documentation on the Cybersonica Vimeo site… with useful links in the session output posting


Spot the Difference: Tom Wilkinson’s Light Wave and Prodical’s Light Wave Virtual


monome – an open practice project – launch event

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Following on from the Monome Open Source Creative Practice Project Outline below, I’m pleased to see the project in development and moving forward… and now with support from Gini Simpson, Head of Media Arts at SPACEStudios and Brian Crabree & Kelli Cain of monome. I’m currently working up an Arts Council England grants application.

With NODE.London planning a Spring NODE.L ’08 season of media arts and print deadlines for promotion imminent I’ve entered details for the project launch onto the wiki for inclusion in the Spring NODE.L ’08 programme.


Hybrid tonoscope

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Here’s a first draft outline as PDF – though it’s still waiting for feedback and contributions from Anthony Rowe.

There’s always more to find out there… Deep Vacuuming the Source Files and then looking fairly systematically through BIT-101 Lab has turned up several interesting Flash demos:

a sweet little non-interactive 3d particle system waveform – 041101_lewis.fla - 041101_lewis.swf
Click on the image to load Flash in a pop up.

and a simple sound activated wave pattern – 050819_lewis.fla - 050819_lewis.swf
Click on the image to load Flash in a pop up.

It also suggested some new and useful practitioner and reference links – though these have quickly branched out further still…


Monome Open Source Creative Practice Project outline

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

I’ve recently proposed this idea to Gini Simpson, Head of Media Arts at SPACE Studios, Hackney, London, E8 3RH. The outline is included in full here but you can also download it as a PDF.


Through recent online research for my own creative practice I came across a fascinating, but hitherto unknown to me, USA based project – momone.

There are videos of the monome 40h in action HERE

Essentially the momome is a beautifully designed, hand-crafted, minimalist interactive interface for controlling and monitoring pretty much anything audio, visual and beyond…


The Sancho Plan creative development

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Thinking about future TSP creative development and collecting my thoughts…

In general I’d like:

  • an overall plan for future The Sancho Plan development that was more proactive and less reactive
  • or at least a collective and considered response to forthcoming opportunities – though we need to be clear about what these are and what might be required of us accordingly. I’d also like to clarify and agree what being a ‘collective’ – if we actually are one – means for us in terms of roles, delegation of responsibility and decision making processes…
  • or a plan for my own personal contribution to future TSP development that was more proactive and less reactive
  • some resources to fund my creative explorations