Comments Welcome!

I started this blog as an exercise in recording my own thoughts, research and creative activity – as well as learning more about the WordPress publishing platform.

Early on it was pretty much a solely personal exercise… but as I’ve tweaked the site layout, added Search Engine Optimisation, generated a few trackbacks from busier blogs etc. I’ve been noticing a steady increase in visitors.

My posts generally don’t have ‘Allow Comments’ enabled – so I thought I’d open a sticky ‘Comments Welcome!’ post that did. So if… :

  • you’ve found any of my posts useful or interesting;
  • you’ve been working on similar ideas from a different perspective and want to make connections;
  • you’ve got any advice or ideas on issues which I’ve raised but don’t seem to have resolved;
  • you think I’d be interested in something related but not mentioned

please let me know… feel free to add thoughts and links… offer feedback.

This is open to all (though comments will need to be ‘Approved’ before being published)…

Hmmm.  I wonder if anyone will?

2 Responses to “Comments Welcome!”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hi Lewis,
    I’m looking forward to experiencing your input to the Recorder event in Manchester tonight.
    Hopefully we can interact later …
    Cheers, Jonathan.

  2. diego says:

    Hi Lewis, I just want to say thank you for your version of the Auduino (Dave’s version) since it is a great and artistic aproach to the original idea (which is by the way already fantastic!). I have recently built my own Auduino and was thinking (before I move my version to a standalone without the whole Arduino, just the ATmega chip) that I could add some tweaks to it. Is there a way to use your mods, but keeping the E root which is in Peter Knight’s original (instead of the C root you used)? Maybe I should replace the values in the arrays of the code according to the mapping you provide in the excel sheet, right?

    Thanks a lot!

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