DMX and Arduino

I’ve been googling how to transmit DMX via an Arduino… and following up on links in the DMX512 section at the Arduino: Playground…

Daniel Hirschmann’s Super DMX Shield

Ideally I’d like to buy a ready-made shield:

So it looks like I’ll be making a shield:

  • Daniel Hirschmann’s Super DMX Shield seems the best bet – and since I know Daniel from Jason Bruges Studio I’m going to drop him a line to see if he has a ready-made shield, kit, or at least an etched board available. He also has online notes, resources and code examples as part an Interactive Lighting Workshop run via Openlabs which should also be really useful. [Update] Daniel does have a ready-made shield available which he’s offered at parts price and I should receive within a couple of weeks. Yay!
  • There’s an arduino to DMX project listed on the monome forums – using the DmxSimple code and a shield built using instructions found at the DMX512 section at the Arduino: Playground.
  • Thomas Jespersen has posted about an Arduino Ethernet DMX Controller under his Arduino Projects – based on code from this DMX Shield für Arduino – also listed on the Arduino: Playground.
  • An Arduino DMX Shield listed on the Freeduino blog – though I’m not sure it isn’t the same as the Arduino: Playground shield mentioned above.
  • David Sjunnesson’s (from 1scale1) DiMeX Interface between Arduino and the DMX protocol commonly used to control stage lighting. It also has the added functionality of an wireless XBee module” – interesting but little documented.

There’s also a fair amount of exchange about building DMC transceivers – to receive as well as to send the DMX protocol

and browsing always turns up interesting related posts:

  • The Make Some Code post Arduino, OSC, iPhone and DMX“using OSC (Open Sound Control)… to control the lights via my arduino equipped with an ethernet shield.”
  • A Practical Arduino post on the DMX dimmer project – which also has other interesting Arduino projects, hardware and development.
  • Justin Huynh’s Liquidware“open source electronics” for the Arduino with a Shop selling broad range of sensors, kits, modules, components, and App Store, Projects, Wiki etc.
  • An search for arduino shield lists some interesting and affordable components…

And affordable non-Arduino solutions include:
$39 + $9 shipping on ebay


They also produce the DMX Pipe – and though there’s an FTDI driver for OS X 10.6.x the listed compatible software looks almost exclusively Windows – and a bit too ‘theatre’ like…


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