Its blogtastic

After mulling it over for a quite a while I’ve finally succumbed and have decided to start my own blog… Err… this is it

So, what blog tool to use? Needs to be…

  • simple to set up and use
  • clean & look good
  • easy to integrate and upload to from Journler
  • extendable if I want it…


  • don’t think so… the standard templates are not to my taste and after a bit of research looking for free alternatives and/or finding out how to create my own it just seems too much effort…

Looked at blogs I know…

Decided on WordPress

  • had some problems installing the latest version and ended up having to use an ealier release (2.0.11-RC3) because my WebFusion hosting only runs MYSQL 3… doh!.. but otherwise extremely painless set up… and I’ve found a nice clean minimalist theme which I’m now digging around in and adapting to my taste
  • integrated it easily with Journler v2.5.3
  • will look to extend functionality with plug-ins etc.

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