iPhone 3GS jailbreak progress


I set out to jailbreak my iPhone with a list of possible gains…

I can’t say it’s been a wholly pain-free experience… I managed to ‘brick’ my iPhone several times and was forced to ‘restore’ loosing some data I hadn’t backed up – but hey – what did I expect? A few weeks on, I’ve regained a bit of device stability,  gotten used to the new functionality and interaction and I’m happy I did it. Here’s how I’ve gotten on…

The right Cydia ‘Sources’ are important… and I happened across and registered at the Sinful iPhone forum and repo – and it’s provided yet more applications to try in addition to those I outlined initially – Safari Download Manager, Universal Search – and from the Forums – ToneFXs, Snappy, Panorama360 etc. My additional Cydia Sources now include: repo.i4iphones.info, apt.dmytro.me, xSellize, SiNfuL iPhone Repo and Hackulo.us and almost everything mentioned below can be found within them…

  • hopefully get back Internet tethering via both USB and Bluetooth – using my O2-UK unlimited data plan. I had a non-jailbreak solution on v3.0 which I lost in the firmware update but a Note on the Dev-Team PwnageTool 3.1.4 doesn’t bode well either – fingers crossed;
    DONE – and working with both USB and Bluetooth – yipee! – and using Philipe Pina’s Tethering toggle in SBSettings too.
  • pairing with my iGo Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard via BTstack Keyboard;
    DONE I bought the BTstack Keyboard App for my iPod Touch – and thought I might need to copy to the iPhone and manually install the Cydia .deb file? It turns out that Cydia Apps are installed in the same place as iTunes – /var/mobile/Applications – and because of the ‘gobbledegook’ folder names iFile is required if you want to know what App is where – but in the end I just re-downloaded it with no charge after I tied my iPhone into my existing Google authenticated Cydia account… neato. And now also BTstackMouse
  • Palm Pre style multitasking using ProSwitcher or Multifl0w– running and switching between multiple Apps – making the most of its 600MHz processor and 256Mb of RAM;
    DONE – installed the free app ProSwitcher along with Backgrounder – though I needed to spend a bit of time adjusting settings and getting used to working with it. Added ProSwitcher to a 5 icon dock with Infinidock – tried Supreme Preferences 3.0 but it’s just too buggy…
  • use as a USB flash drive;
    DONE – now have a 1Gb USB drive whenever I connect my iPhone to a PC via USB – and it’s always to hand.
  • Skype over 3G;
    DONE – Initially tried with VoIPover3G and Insomnia according to How to keep Skype App running in the background on iPhone – but ended up installing a cracked version of 3G Unrestrictor via the SINfuL iPhone Repo. It proved really useful when I lost my debit card on the street and needed to call my bank on their ridiculously expensive on a mobile 08457 ‘Report a Lost/Stolen Card‘ line but only had 3G connectivity… and it worked perfectly well…
  • Bluetooth file transfer from the iPhone;
    Turns out iBluetooth isn’t available for firmware 3.0 or above – but it’s now renamed successor iBlueNova has recently been released. Haleluyah…
  • easy switching of connectivity via NetServices as well as other system toggles via SBSettings;
    DONE – and I now can’t imagine using my iPhone without easily-to-hand system and App toggles… Installed SBSettings – enabled and ordered toggles, hid Stocks App and adjusted Status Bar settings to include 24hr clock, available RAM, locked launch etc. Installed the clean and minimal BlackGUI SBS theme and added additional toggles for Bluetooth, SSH, AFP, Vibrate, Location, Airplane Mode plus other App specific. NetServices turns out to be old – for firmware v1.x
  • ahem… er… ‘evaluating’ Apps via Install0us and AppSync;
    DONE – followed How to install .ipa files on your iPhone OS 3.1.2 – with Install0us 2.5 and SINfuL iPhone AppSync for OS 3.1.2. Appulo.us – the ‘godfather’ of online App databases has closed and is moving on – though there are other repositories listed in the tutorial notably iPhoneAppList and VNMStore. Registered at the Install0us forums too. It’s been really useful to test Apps such as RedLaser, iTimeLapse and Loopy – and if I use them more I’ll buy them – which is what I think it’s about.
  • customised SMS alert tone, fifth row iPhone keyboard and themes via Winterboard;
    DONE Winterboard – but which theme if any? Possibly create my own Joe 90 theme? Installed iTypeFastR and install ToneFXs – both via the SINful iPhone Repo.
  • organising iPhone Apps via the desktop programme Movement – and a tutorial;
    DONE – and though it’s still in beta it works well bar the occasional crash – and it’s really nice to have a full-screen to manage those darned iPhone Apps
  • an iPhone firewall;
    DONE – via the SINfuL iPhone Repo. It is a bit annoying having the Firewall pop-up appear all the time but its interesting to see what’s trying to connect to where – so I’ll stick with it for a bit and see how I get on. Like Little Snitch – need to get the rules set up. Also installed PrivaCy… global opt out of anonymous user tracking.
  • Root access via OpenSSH;
    DONE – working really well with Cyberduck – and also installed Netatalk – so I now have root access AFP via Bonjour Services too.
  • *autoloading apps on bootup;
    STILL TO DO – useful for loading Skype on boot up?
  • oodles of useful Homebrew apps – such as TVOut2 Mirror TVOut held in the BigBoss repository;
    ONGOING installed TVOut2 Mirror TVOut to start with – checked with my Belkin Composite AV cable and works fine 😉 Also CyDialer, Snappy, Terminal. Insomnia, PkgBackup, MyWi etc…
  • an unlocked iPhone – free to use with any carrier (though currently a bit redundant since my O2 contract runs for another 18 months).

And yet more things I’ve now DONE through subsequent research following up links:

  • How to Secure your Jailbroken iPhone from SSH Hack – changing the password for both mobile and root users
  • Top 5 Cydia Apps… – installed Cycorder to test its supposedly superior video quality – but not working (even after adapting this tutorial on recreating symbolic links to where the Camera App saves its video – /private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE/), Flashlight, iFile etc.
  • These easy instructions on how to install .deb files didn’t work for me) so in the end I used the SFTP and Mobile Terminal method and then got installation via iFile working – but only by toggling to off pretty much all background services I’m running via SBSettings – after getting the error “dpkg: status database area is locked by another process”. .ipa files were installed easily by Installous after copying them to the /var/mobile/Downloads folder…
  • My earlier issues of syncing to iTunes seems to have been resolved by following the FAQ at the install0us.com forums…
  • Should make more use of video editing on the 3GS… and the ReelDirector, ReelMoments and Slomo Apps all look worth trying out – also found the interesting Music App ‘Loopy’ at Appul0.us – great for my ‘hummed’ compositions on the go…

and ‘of interest’:

  • Came across and interesting FAQ in Install0us.com and a post on sinfuliphone.com about increasing device RAM by setting up iPhone Virtual Memory (SwapMemory)… hmmm… could be really useful for my RAM challenged iPod Touch 2G.

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