iPod Touch 2G iOS 4.1 – jailbroken and optimised

My old jailbroken iPod Touch 2G iOS 3.0 has been languishing.

Although it’s where I used to test out most of the audio and music apps I came across, Cydia got corrupted and stopped launching a while back. While it gave me the testing ground and impetus to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS iOS 3.1.2 – my iPhone is now where I try out new apps and Cydia tweaks.


But with an iCreate>Music taster workshop as part of Play Space at Contact Theatre in early December and a new Akai SynthStation 25 to play with I thought I’d upgrade it to the latest iOS 4.1, jailbreak it and to look for ways to optimise the iPod 2G hardware. Here’s how I got on…

I’d usually use the Dev-Team Blog’s PwnageTool – now at version 4.1.2 – but it doesn’t list the iPod Touch 2G in its jailbreak-able iDevices – so I looked for an alternative method.

A Google search uncovered Can I jailbreak & unlock my iPhone? Easily find out with f0recast “The f0recast utility works for both Mac OS X and Windows and lets you quickly identify if your iOS device qualifies for hacking” which confirmed I could (always) jailbreak my iPod Touch 2G – and the iClarified post iPod touch | How to Jailbreak Your iPod Touch 2G Using RedSn0w (Mac) [4.1] detailed the process using redsn0w.

As recommended I started by backing up the device using iTunes 10.0 and then following the instructions in the post used redsn0w 0.9.6b1- though I opted not to install multitasking since Apple’s implementation doesn’t get very good reviews – and all went to plan excepting the final restore step in iTunes which gave multiple errors i.e. “unknown error (OxE8008001)” and “because it is not signed” for apps that couldn’t be transferred – which I suspect was due to not having the AppSync for iOS 4.1 patch installed – so this is where I started.

Cydia initially ‘Reorganised’ and required ‘Upgrades’ – but I then updated my ‘Sources’ with my usual repo.i4iphones.info, apt.dymtro.me, cydia.xsellize.com, sinfuliphonerepo.com and cydia.hackulo.us repos; downloaded and installed AppSync for iOS 4.1 and Five-Column Springboard v1.1.2 (to accommodate the many apps I have) and synced with iTunes – back to where I was but now iOS 4.1 – barring my old Cydia apps and tweaks and the app order (sadly Movement v1.6 doesn’t seem to work).

My first Cydia reinstalls were SBSettings v 3.1.1.-1, BlackGui v2.0 (my favoured SBSettings theme), Winterboard 0.9.3211-1, OpenSSH v5.2p1-8, MobileTerminal iOS4 r426, iFile v1.3.2-2 – and PkgBackup v3.1.10 – though I got a “Warning! No internet connection detected…” error when trying the ‘Restore’ function in this.

A PkgBackup 3.0.12 Cracked post on Sinful iPhone logs the issue and offers several solutions – including renaming the Address Book entry as per the PkgBackup FAQ and downloading a new update from the repo.clubifone.com source – though I couldn’t find it listed there. I reckon I’ll try the alternative free but less well implemented AptBackup – but may well buy the more than useful $4.99 PkgBackup.

I also disabled the Apple Kill Switch in SBSettings>System Options after reading this post at MacRumours.com.

I then installed Backgrounder svn.r558-1 and Multifl0w 2.0.3 to enable true multitasking capability. Backgrounder also allows the ‘disabling’ of Apple’s default backgrounding apps Mail, Music and Videos which I suspect is a more effective solution than SBSettings>Processes>KILL PROCESSES for keeping these apps inactive and increasing the available RAM (I get 40Mb after doing this) – though the Music and Video apps don’t like restarting afterwards and the device requires a reboot .

The available RAM at this stage after ‘FREE UP MEMORY’ in SBSettings>Processes showed a max 53Mb… not bad.

Also quick test of SynthStation at this stage shows it works – nice! [A previous upgrade, jailbreak and optimisation attempt where I followed all the instructions in Ipod Touch Iphone 4G 3G 3GS 2G Speed Hack Repository first – including deleting launch daemons – must have broken something.]

Although iOS 4.1 itself reportedly improves performance for the iPod Touch 2G I decided to re-implement some of the suggested optimisations to see if they increase RAM and improve performance further still – but more carefully this time.

Specifically I’ve:

  • deleted unnecessary language packs – using the Sinful iPhone Language Pack Deleter V.1.1 – which says “4471 language pack directories have been deleted.” – and appears to have given another 3Mb of RAM;
  • Disable Spotlight Search – I’m not sure it makes a difference – but I never use it on my iPod Touch anyway;
  • CPU Overclock – Increase CPU clock speed and performance! – also described here. I set my max value up to the processor’s 600MHz capacity and min to the current max value of 530MHz – and barring getting a little hot the iDevice seems happy enough.
sysctl -w hw.cpufrequency_max=600000000
sysctl -w hw.cpufrequency=600000000
sysctl -w hw.cpufrequency_min=530000000

I noted using iPhone Virtual Memory (SwapMemory) to increase device RAM in a previous post – and was keen to try it. There’s lots of contrary opinions as to whether this actually shortens the life of the device… though bahamutspirit’s posts in this thread seem to be well informed and argues it doesn’t – to any degree actually worth worrying about.

Although included in the Speed Hack Repository tips above I’ve tried the following approaches with my iPodTouch 2G and OS4.1 and can say the following don’t work for me:

However I did find a solution that seems to be (mostly) working for me… as described in the post UNDER this YouTube video. After disabling Mail, Music and Video and running the SBSettings>Processes>FREE UP MEMORY it shows a consistent 78+Mb of Available Memory browsing the SpringBoard.

There’s mixed opinion as to whether MemTool is more efficient than SBSettings>Processes>FREE UP MEMORY at increasing the amount of RAM available – but it’s a bit academic as the iSpazio Cydia repository isn’t accessible after the upgrade and is the only Source listed for MemTool.

So while there’s more tweaking and organising to do… I can report my iPod Touch 2G is now up and running and definitely useful again – yay!

Oh.. and this HOW TO: FIX CYDIA FROM CRASHING WITHOUT RESTORING! video guide claims to stop Cydia crashing… (which happens quite frequently – and on my iPhone 3GS too).

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