iPod Touch controllers and onwards…


5 screens each with up to 6 simultaneous and assignable controllers via iXY MIDI Controller on the iPod Touch 2G (held in my lovely Ped3-Auto stand) with MIDI Monitor on my Macbook is showing it works…

Scanning through the iPhone/iPod Touch apps on synthtopia I came across a number of previously unknown MIDI and OSC controllers which I’ve now installed on my iPod Touch for testing. Some are free – including the iXY MIDI Controller and MIDI Motion Machine from CM Software Designs which use the DSMI Server – more details at the DS Music Interface homepage. Some cost a bit – such as Pro XY from Far Out Labs LLC who also make the interesting looking ProRemote and ProTransport (though you have to install the ProRemote server which runs as a background process and can’t be quit – which I don’t much like), the minimalist Fantastick (with its equally minimalist homepage though I also found a discussion thread on the MaxMSP boards – shame its MaxMSP/PD only) and iOSC (which needs 2.2.1 software). I’ll play around a bit with these and report my findings.

I had a scan through an ‘iPhone’ search in Create Digital Music and came across the April 24th iPhone Roundup: Field Recording, DJ Tools, Odd iInstruments, Cinco de Mayo article which prompted me to buy the highly recommended FiRe – Field Recorder from the very excellent Audiofile Engineering; and though not a great fan of synth apps on the platform after reading the April 20th megaSynth: Tasty iPhone, iPod touch App Continues Mobile Synth Deluge article I bought megaSynth from Yonac Software which turns out to be quite fun on a cursory test and has a decent User Manual too; as well as the Jasuto Modular Synth from Jasuto (though it too needs 2.2.1 software) in the April 14th Jasuto Modular Synth for iPhone, Mac + Windows VST: Build Your Own Instruments article – though it also has a VST plugin for OSX and Windows.

I’m holding back on upgrading my iPod Touch software just in case… because when my 3 mobile contract runs out at the end of June I’ll be rushing out to get a new iPhone 3.0 (hopefully!) and then intend to jailbreak my iPod Touch 2G with the beta version of redsn0w – as the blog.iphone-dev.org says “this release hopes to simplify the jailbreaking of your iPod touch 2G“. Homebrew here we come…

I made a quick check of latest developments with some of the projects I’ve been following: Tictionthe flexible, nodal music sequencer – has updated to v0.4.1 so I’m going to check if it sorts out some of the OSC control problems I was having with v0.3: no news yet on any developments with TouchOSCan iPhone / iPod Touch application that lets you send and receive Open Sound Control messages over a Wi-Fi network using the UDP protocol – they still seem to be “working on another version of this program with configurable layout and adjustable control behavior and value-range”; or Mrmra technology that enables you to use ordinary cell phones and PDAs as controllers in audio-visual performances… – which I’ve been using to build custom control layouts – but can’t quite get to work properly with OSCulator – software for making sound and vision with new controllers – which has since updated to v2.8.2 so I’ll give it another try.

I did manage to build a custom interface in Mrmr that allowed me to trigger all the OSC functionality in Tiction – bar setpitch which I didn’t try – but it was a clunky and frustrating process I’m not particularly keen to repeat… my Tiction, Mrmr and OSCulator patches zipped up and attached… can’t promise they’ll work properly 😉 tiction-mrmr-osculator

I moved on – in some separate test sketches at least – my extension of the Mirror2 Video (Capture) example by Daniel Shiffman – particularly in respect of multiples and reflections – which had been eluding me until I discovered the OpenCV library.

I started to separate out Nick Rothwell’s work on controlling lighting in Processing using the excellent ControlP5 library. I really like the idea of having a standard lighting rig run via a second sketch window – and ultimately being able to control this in real-time via MIDI or OSC.

I also installed the necessary drivers and environments to get my monome64 running on my new Windows XP Boot Camp partition and test the updated v1.1 SevenUpLivea Java application that combines 8 different monome applications into one interface – which was nice 😉

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