Latest Processing, Director, Tiction/mrmr etc. developments…

…as well as Nick Rothwell’s shado, SevenUpLive…

My functionality developments for the Mirror2 patch by Daniel Shiffman.


As with my previous experiments with Flash I think that selecting Processing found and library examples I like and then extending their functionality will be a good way to develop my coding skills…

1. I really like the ‘Mirror2’ patch by Daniel Shiffman “Each pixel from the video source is drawn as a rectangle with size based on brightness.” and I’ve extended it to allow me to change through key press: the R,G and B values of the background; the greyscale tone of the fill; the shape of the cell – square and circle; mirroring in the x-axis; and run full screen. There’s more control I want to implemet yet – presets for colour and other combinations, different cell shapes, mirroring on the y-axis, reflections and distortions; multiples etc… Mostly I want to be able to control it over MIDI and also via my monome64.

Working on it helped me to understand the need to declare and set the values of variables before trying to apply a condition to them – i.e.:

int loc = (video.width + x - 1) + y*video.width;
switch(M) {
case 0:
loc = (video.width + x - 1) + y*video.width; // standard video capture image
case 1:
loc = (video.width - x - 1) + y*video.width; // reversing x to mirror the image

I was struggling trying to switch between the standard and mirrored video capture – but once I’d initiated and set loc before applying switch(M) it worked…

I also surmised that to save presents I need to use arrays – and probably a two dimensional array – but I just can’t get my head round the code. Will ask Daniel Jones on Monday ;-).

2. I was inspired by Tom Wilkinson’s Light Wave at the Kinetica Art Fair:


“Stemming from an early fascination with illusion and movement, Tom Wilkinson’s kinetic sculptures draw inspiration from astronomy and metaphysics. His work reflects the constant motions, cyclical patterns and kinetic energies that are universally present in our surroundings and the patterns made. Wilkinson also investigates the ambiguous nature of matter; the glass in Light Wave appears to be molten, inviting us to reflect on the paradoxical nature of glass as an amorphous solid.”

and thought that I’d like to attempt to create a virtual version of the the physical piece. I found an example of oscillation independent of frame rate at OpenProcessingbeta and have been extending it.

So far it’s helped me understand global variables and how to build a code loop.

And found

monomatic – discome

I looked at the Sensomatic discomatic Director file Florian sent – checked the key codes, tidied up some in-file documentation, tested the functionality – reckon gAssMode isn’t actually doing anything (?) – tried to poke it a bit but kept getting errors and gave up… waiting for Ant on this…

Tictionmrmr/iPod Touch

I had some success with controlling Tiction via OSC using mrmr on the iPod Touch last session – but couldn’t get a beep out it this time – despite a fair amount of mucking about. OSC Listener definitely showed OSC messages were being sent – but Tiction just wasn’t listening. Possible reboot required? (Actually rebooted after a system crash – and it still didn’t work… hmmm).

Nick Rothwell’s shado – an open-source compositing and sprite library for the monome

Installed and started to work thrrough the tutorials but found an error with the BlinkTest script and had no list text files button in the Workbench so couldn’t load my own scripts… I’ve since emailed Nick and it’s mostly up and running now – but I have a session with Nick on Wednesday anyway.

Ableton Live

Tidied up a couple of SevenUpLive tracks in preparation for session with Nick…

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