Like a kid in a (monome) sweet shop…

With my monome 64 due to arrive imminently I’ve been browsing the monome website for sparkly things I particularly like the look of…

monome sixty four

Starting with Ableton Live…

1. drumwreck by anton hornquist – website & youtube demo

monome step sequencer in maxmsp/live

Early days for this app… which seems both intuitive and ergonomic… and even works using the ‘monome40_fake’ patch. Latest developments on its monome discussion thread.

2. monogrid 2.1 by ahlstrominfomyspace website

Ableton Live integration via Chuck (Strongly-timed, Concurrent, and On-the-fly Audio Programming Language) – using the graphical front-end miniAudicle

Initially this seemed quite complicated to set up… but turned out just to be detailed – and amazingly it worked with the ‘monome40_fake’ patch too!

I followed the tutorial part 1 to set up Chuck and Live on OS X…
then the tutorial part 2 to put audio loops into Live…
There’s more details of functionality in the documentation.

But i soon got sidetracked…

3. the Chuck coded tiltmmap.ckvideo
I’ve got a thing about accelerometers 😉

a large virtual bitmap. hit the keypads to toggle the state, tilt the unit to scroll through the map. wraps at edges, total bitmap is 32×32. lo-fi blips triggered on scrolling depending on density of the frame.

4. ATASCII on the monome by revbean – website

Demo of a Max/MSP patch that displays the old Atari ASCII 8-bit character set on the monome 40h. The characters can be scrolled through via the SpaceNavigator, chosen with mouse clicks, or entered with the keyboard as preset messages or live typing.

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