Other Projects & Resources: Summarise (and Rationalise)

I know there’s always ‘more out there’ to explore – but I thought I’d summarise (and rationlise) the probably ‘already more than I can manage’ range of projects and resources I regularly check for news and updates:


Create Digital Music – “a webzine and community site for musicians using technology” and Create Digital Motion – “a webzine and community site for VJs and other producers of moving images” have become essential reading and part of my Newsgator aggregated RSS feed which I access on the move on my iPod Touch.

I have a monome64 and while I’m interested in all things monome I’m particularly keen on SevenUpLive – “a Java application that combines 8 different monome applications into one interface.  With it, your monome communicates with Ableton Live 7 via MIDI…”.

I bought the iPod Touch primarily to explore its potential as a wireless controller and have found several MIDI and OSC based options – in particular mrmr – which is the only application I can find which actually lets you design your own interfaces – despite its ‘clunky’ looks, idiosyncratic behaviour with OSCulator and somewhat inscrutable website and documentation and TouchOSC which is waiting expectantly in the wings – it looks good and functions well with OSCulator but isn’t yet editable – “We are working on another version of this program with configurable layout and adjustable control behavior and value-range.” – can hardly wait…

Increasingly drawn towards Processing as a protyping platform for my programming ideas but limited coding skills I followed up the links in the Feb 02 article in Create Digital Music “A Mutating Drum Step Sequencer, New MIDI Library for Processing” and found a number of interesting projects – including the flexible, nodal music sequencer Tiction. It’s been a fairly cursory look so far – but its led me to new and interesting online resources such as OpenProcessingbeta. There’s also plenty to explore at the Processing website with regular software releases, libraries, extensive Learning & Reference sections and user contributions etc.

So I spent time today:

1. building hands-on (well key down) control into Mirror2 – the Processing video capture example I like so much – it’s coming on ;-);

2. trying to get the monomic Processing library to work – with no success. I ended up posting to the monome forum and emailing the monomic author – Jesse Kriss for help;

3. testing iPod OSC control for Tiction via TouchOSC and then building a custom interface in mrmr and configuring an OSCulator patch with some success – push buttons and toggle buttons working fine – but tactile zones – as in previous mrmr endeavors – not quite working yet – an ‘interpretation’ problem between mrmr and OSCulator evidently.

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