Owl Project m-Log workshop

on Friday, 13th February I attended the Owl Project m-Log workshop at FACT in Liverpool and spent a thoroughly enjoyable (though quite intense and tiring day) building my own m-Log from the supplied kit.

the m-Log kit

“m-Log is the latest development in Owl Project Technology; a powered USB controller interface. The m-Log fits in the palm of your hand and is made using the semicircular cross section of a branch… Inside the m-Log is the muio interface. Available with a range of built in sensor inputs (light sensors, accelerometers etc.) it has plug in and play compatibility with a wide variety of applications, notably MAX MSP/Jitter, SuperCollider and Open Frame Works…”

The Owl Project are a collaborative group of Manchester based artists who share interests in human interaction with technology and process led art. The group currently consists of Simon Blackmore, Antony Hall and Steve Symons. I share a studio with Anthony – across the hall from Simon ;-).

Every m-Log is different – and not just because of the natural variations in the wood – but also because of the design and layout preferences of the maker – which is great.

TOP had intended to try and build 8 m-Logs from kit – constructing the muio circuit, drilling holes, mounting the switches and pots and sanding and oiling the wood – AND building software audio instruments in SuperCollider – all in one day – but this turned out to be a bit too much to achieve.

My m-Log almost worked – bar a dry connection which I’ve now looked at – and Steve plans to provide software to the group next week so I can start testing and playing. I’m planning to extend my m-Log with extra switches – without an additional chip the muio interface can accommodate an additional four switches from the four supplied with the kit – and I’m working out where to mount these – but it’s looking like under my thumb and first two fingers at the moment.

designing the layout…
building the muio circuit…
working the wood…
under construction…
by the end of day…

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