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I’ve developed my Processing Light Wave virtual sketch up to a point where I’m ready to share it and get some feedback… so I’ve signed up and posted to OpenProcessing – “a ‘flickr’ish place for processing community to share their sketches, comment on each other’s pieces, etc…”

I also spent some time rummaging though my ‘creative’ file archive and found some rough demos that deserve to see the light of day… – disco_flakes_lewis_6.swf

I got up a version 6 of my adaptation of Robert Penner’s Disco Flakes which I first posted a couple of years ago in Experiments in Flash I… and though I typically failed to follow my own development plan and went off at a tangent I like my attempts to create different shaped boundaries and see the reflection patterns that emerge…

Disco Flakes Lewis 6
Click on the image to load Flash in a pop up. Move the mouse to the right to contract/speed up and to the left to expand/slow down the oscillations. Click the ‘shape’ icons (bottom right) to change the bounding shape of the reflections or the ‘reload’ icon to start again.

and the source file: disco_flakes_lewis_6.fla with my comments in the code.

I also remember being quite smug that I actually managed to work out the maths to create the triangle which I’ve worked into the code and reproduced here 😉

The diameter of a circumcircle is the length of any side of the triangle divided by the sine of the opposite angle

in a circumcircle of diameter 500 with an equilateral triangle where all angles are 60 the length of one side of the triangle:

500*sin(60) = 433.01

in a 30-60 right triangle, in which the acute angles measure 30 and 60 degrees, the hypotenuse is twice the length of the shorter side:

433.013/2 = 216.51

and by pythagoras' theorum the remaining side is:

(433.013*433.013)-(216.506*216.506) = 140625.41

sqrt(140625.410) = 375.00 – 50829_lewis_2.swf

While researching and developing ideas for a modest addition to The Sancho Plan performance at the Future Of Sound Friday Late at the British Library in November 2007 – the launch event for the ‘Breaking The Rules’ exhibition of the European Avant Garde 1900-1937 exploring the movement and how it exploited the news media – I became more familiar with the work of a number of its artists including Alexander Rodchenko & Moholy Malevich. I really liked their output and so in the spirit of “drawing direct links between the early 20th century and the present day” I tried to develop ideas of how they might have presented their work had they the use of current technologies.

Click on the image to load Flash in a pop up. Move the mouse to rotate. Click to switch on/off ‘blur’.

…and the source file: 50829_lewis_2.fla .


I loaded this painting by Alexander Rodchenko into a Flash demo in 3D extrusion and tweaked it a little. I really like the resulting minimalist 3 dimensionality of the 2 dimensional image and the way it can then be spun through space – subtle but engaging.

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