Video in Processing, General Potterings…

With only a single core Intel MacMini to use at the moment I thought I’d keep off the audio and revisit some past programming explorations…

The webcam to monome to midi app mirrome

But it was a fairly frustrating day… a couple minor victories being:

  1. managing to run an old VMWare Fusion virtual machine and copying off the old Processing and monome work I’d done when I was still trying to make Win XP my development platform;
  2. getting my machine to work with video capture in Processing… I’ve been struggling with recent Beta versions but an upgrade to the now officially released v1.0.1 threw up a new error dialogue box which helped me identify the problem – the CamCamX plugin – and a search helped find the solution – deleting the CamCamX component from the QuickTime plugins folder. Finally!

This now means I can use the Mirror 2 patch I’ve always liked in Examples>Libraries>Video (Capture) for future adhoc visuals – Steve Symons’ and my performance at De Montfort University would have been a case in point.

I’m also interested in exploring video capture as a controller for performance – so I tried to get Steve Symons’ cyclOSC working in Processing 1.0.1 – but had no luck – though the standalone cyclOSC Java applet and cyclOSC to MIDI MaxMSP applet he gave me work fine.

“Written in processing/JAVA, a simple cyclops (as in Eric Singer’s cyclops object for max/msp) stand alone programme that divides a video feed into an grid of averaged grey-scale cells (currently 8 by 8, but easily changed in code).  The results are broadcast via OSC (thanks to the oscP5 library).”

The webcam to monome to midi app mirrome is another cute implementation of this idea…

I also played with Hexler’s SonicLife for the iPod Touch – “a creative, interactive controller for iPhone/iPod Touch that sends Open Sound Control messages over a Wi-Fi network using the UDP protocol.” triggering a Battery 3 kit – but with essentially only 3 outputs I was a little underwhelmed… perhaps if I played with OSCulator’s various event types a bit more?

Otherwise it was a day of reorgansing my Processing folder hierarchy, sorting through old files and projects, finding plenty of old patches which now don’t work because the syntax has changed, browsing for examples, source code and useful libraries at old favourites like Flight404 and finding new ones such as toxi’s Processing archive.

I also spent some time trying to get Jesse Kriss’s monomic – a Processing library for the monome – to work but had no luck with Processing 1.0.1. Shame because its just been updated and I’m keen to explore more programming in Processing using my monome 64. Think I’ll ask Daniel Jones for a bit of help 😉 and might post a request to the monome forum too…

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